Below are some suggestions we have for keeping your Christmas tree in its finest condition:
  • When you get your tree home, place it in a cool, sheltered area, such as an unheated garage or basement, where it is protected from the wind and sun.
  • Before putting the trunk in a tree stand, make a fresh cut on the trunk at least one inch above the original cut to enable the tree to take up water. (The cut removes possible clotted resins that could prevent the tree from absorbing water.)
  • Place the tree in a large capacity, water-holding stand. Don't let the water supply run out because a seal will form on the tree trunk and the tree cannot take on any more water. A real Christmas tree with high moisture content will not support combustion.
  • Check the water supply daily. A tree may absorb amounts from a pint to a gallon of water each day, depending upon its size and condition.
  • Don't place the tree near heat sources, such as a fireplace, heating vent, space heater, etc, as this will tend to dry it out prematurely.
  • Check your electric lights and cords and discard any with frayed or worn spots. Use only new U.L. listed electrical decorations.
  • Sit back and enjoy the fresh cut fragrance and delight in the natural beauty of your real Christmas tree.