In the fields cut your own: White Pine, Norway Spruce, Canaan Fir and Frasier Fir. You can cut up to 6'-15'.

Canaan Fir trees have soft needles that vary in color and are about one inch in length. The short needles often retain the bottlebrush appearance of their counterpart, the Fraser Fir and the Canaan imitates the strong aroma of its cousin, the Douglas Fir.

Concolor Fir trees have a distinctive citrus aroma. They have a soft, silvery blue foliage with flattened needles between two and three inches in length. Their stiff branches have excellent needle retention.

Fraser Fir trees have soft, emerald green needles with silvery undersides. The needles are flat, about ¾ inch in length and have a bottlebrush texture. Their strong branches have a fresh woody aroma and outstanding needle retention.

Blue Spruce trees have an excellent dense, pyramidal shape. The color is an outstanding silvery blue to dark green. Their branches are stiff with stout prickly needles ranging from 3/4 to one inch in length.

Scotch Pine trees have bright green, prickly needles that are approximately 1in.It is known for its stiff branches that are well suited for both light and heavy ornatments and has great needle retention.

Serbian Spruce have tall and slender, graceful unswept branches that give it an elegant look. It has glossy dark green needs with slender streaks of white.

Black Hill Spruce have stiff branches, beautiful dark green to blue-green needles that are somewhat rigid, sharply pointed, and roughly 1/3-3/4 inches in length.